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Autosol collaborates with the Ronald McDonald House Charity in Malaga to keep families together

Autosol   |   05/12/2018

The Christmas season is a great opportunity to raise awareness of our surroundings and open our eyes to other realities that, in most cases, do not catch us as far as we think. That is why this year Grupo Autosol wants to contribute  to make this world a better place. These are special dates for children, and we have not been able to pass up the opportunity to sponsor a cause that has undoubtedly touched our hearts.

The work carried out by the Ronald McDonald Foundation and particulary its house in Malaga, it is well worth that we combine all possible efforts. For those who do not know, the Ronald McDonald Charity House in Malaga (and the rest of the houses around the world) provides, as its slogan says, a home away from home. A refuge for families when they receive the hard news of a child’s illness, as a home near the hospital to make this difficult path, a lighter one.

From the beginning, the RMCH made it very easy for us. For so, we would like to thank once again everyone, and especially its manager, Vicente Moros, for letting us get close to this unique project, facilitating the undertaking of this initiative and the closeness and kindness of all the people who work every day to make it possible. Furthermore, today the manager visited our headquarters to explain to us first hand all the actions carried out during the year and to strengthen ties that undoubtedly marked only the beginning of a long friendship and cooperation.

Autosol’s  CEO, Salvador Guillén, next to the manager of the MacDonald House Chariy in Malaga, Vicente  Moros, and Sergio Delgado, associate of Autosol.

Grupo Autosol opens its facilities from today until January 7 for all people who want to collaborate with the Ronald McDonald House in Malaga. For this, we have organised a solidarity collection of everything that the house needs for its day to day operation , as, for example: office supplies, cleaning products, storage boxes, household items and especially toys (they have to be new due to the medical protocol). In case, you prefer to make a donation in cash, there is also a piggy bank so you can collaborate in this way. After finishing the collection, we will visit the House to take all the supplies and we will spend one day with them in their corporate volunteering program, contributing to the functioning of this special home throughout the day.

Ronald MacDonald Chairty House in Malaga

We leave the following link to the website so you can get to know them a little better as well as its wish list on Amazon with a wide sample all you can donate for the operation of this home away from home.

Without a doubt we have never been more proud of this great family that is Grupo Autosol and we certainly do not doubt that this action will be a success. We invite you to dedicate a little minute to know them because surely they will reach your heart. Our facilities are open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. for you to pass by when it is convenient for you to contribute that small grain of sand that will make this initiative a success.

We wait for you!