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Christmas, Christmas sweet Christmas

Autosol   |   03/12/2018

A word to the wise is sufficient, so you’ll know that the plan that we propose now has to do much with the sense of taste. What is more typical in our Christmas than a meeting around a good table, with good wine, a good ham and some good Christmas sweets? If you are one of those conquered by the stomach, let yourself be seduced by what we are going to propose to you

There is no Christmas without polvorones, nougat and coconut balls. If you are passionate about the pastry world, surely you want to visit and learn how these typical sweets of our gastronomy are made. That is why we propose a visit to Antequera, where the most famous shortcakes of our province are made and where you can also enjoy their natural and cultural heritage. Another essential point on this route is Rute, with its museum of anise, its chocolate nativity scene and its Andalusian monuments made of sugar.And the last point we propose is Estepa, a town known for its gastronomic wonders where polvorón occupies the first position.


But if you are more of a good eater, at Christmas our city center are full of options to taste the Christmas flavour. Business meals, of friends, of clubs, of associations. And for all there are endless options. And so that you can eat and drink, we take you and bring you, not on a sleigh, but on our luxury cars. And relax, if you are many, our minibuses and minibuses are at your disposal.

Credits: Negocios UNCOMO

And we can not close this post without highlighting the gastronomic festivities that these days will take place in our province. We suggest you eat a good plate of migas in the Torrox festival of the same name, and visit the region of La Axarquía where the sweet wine is the protagonist. If you like to combine gastronomy and culture, your plan is the celebration of the verdiales in Venta San Cayetano every December the 28th. Culture, dance and good food all in one.