Wold Heritage

Raised on the banks of the Guadalquivir, the city of Cordoba has been chosen over the years to house some of the world’s main towns and cultures: Romans, Arabs, Christians and Jews have populated its streets, leaving an extraordinary monumental wealth in the city. Therefore, it is not surprising that visitors can walk through its historic center among mosques, churches and synagogues, enjoying a Cordoba that is still a historic example of tolerance and coexistence between cultures.

World Heritage

The Caliphate of Cordoba is probably the greatest stage of prosperity in the city, which made it the cultural capital of the world. This universal historical legacy, together with that left by Christians, Romans and Jews, has been recognized on numerous occasions by UNESCO declaringthe Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba as a World Heritage Site as well as a large part of its historic center. Its popularPatios Festival has also been recognized recently.

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