Jerez de la Frontera

Universal Capital of Wine, Flamenco and the Horse

Jerez de la Frontera is the most populated municipality in the province of Cádiz and the largest in size in Andalusia, second only toCórdoba capital. The Jerez Airport connects the city with the main European capitals, which contributes to position Jerez as one of the main destinations for national and international tourists for many reasons, which also speaks very well of its tourist and cultural offer.

Every year this emblematic city becomes the meeting point for motorbike lovers with the celebration of the Spanish Grand Prix of Motorcycling in its circuit inaugurated in 1986. During its celebration, Jerez gives everything during the celebration of the Grand Prix with thousands of visitors, which has helped the the fame of Jerez in the world of sports and such important figures of motorcycling as Ángel Nieto.

Universal Capital of Wine, Flamenco and the Horse

Jerez is, without a doubt, the universal capital of Wine. Sherry or Jerez wine has crossed borders and is known and appreciated internationally. Of great cultural interest are visits to its wineries, buildings of great architectural value that house a history of tradition available to visitors. They show the process of making one of the best wines in the world, accompanied by tastings and visits to the vineyards themselves. 

Speaking of Jerez is also talking about flamenco, the most Andalusian art. The city is the cradle of flamenco, a long list of flamenco singers, dancers and guitarists are from Jerez, with the great Lola Flores at the head and José Mercé among others.

The idiosyncrasy of Jerez is completed with the figure of the Carthusian horse. It was during the Muslim presence that the crossing between the Arab horse and the local horse took place, resulting in the famous Spanish Pure Blood. As in the case of flamenco, the horse is the protagonist throughout the year of numerous activities that revolve around the enjoyment of this animal in its own environment.

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