The City

Ronda is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia. At the crossroads between the provinces of Málaga, Cádiz and Sevilla, Ronda is situated in the heart of the mountainous region that bears his name. Of Roman and Arab past, Ronda was the court of the King of Taifas and the main defensive nucleus of the Kingdom of Granada.

The city is also a display of scenic beauty and geological wonder. The numerous balconies and bridges invite visitors to enjoy nature from the top of the imposing “Tajo”, offering visitors a picture that enchanted artists like Ernest Hemingway and Orson Well in the early years of the 20th century.

The city

Ronda is the emblem of Andalusian romanticism in perfect harmony with the Roman and Andalusian legacy. The urban landscape has surprises in every corner: Moorish houses and palaces, numerous bridges from different eras (Puente Romano, Puente Viejo and Puente Nuevo – from where to enjoy the Tajo gorge), Arab baths and fountains, churches and Convents are just a small sample of the extraordinary architectural wealth of Ronda. Of particular relevance is its Plaza de Toro, considered the most beautiful in Spain.

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