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Silent (and funny!) night

Autosol   |   26/11/2018

What better time than Christmas to meet all together around a table to toast this year’s professional successes! Enjoy Christmas a “free-worries” dinner with your co-workers thanks to the Autosol’s Dinner Service.

The Company Dinner or Party is one of the much-anticipated events (almost always) at Christmas. And surely one of the most important events organized in every company, as it is the ideal time to evaluate the year that is about to leave and celebrate the professional goals achieved. There is no doubt that it is also the perfect occasion to gather workers and managers in a relaxed atmosphere and to “make a team”, fostering a better personal relationship between colleagues.

In case you have not yet organized this year’s company dinner, there is no time to waste! The most of the dinners on the Costa del Sol are held in December, during the weekends prior to Christmas Eve. Therefore, in some cases it may be difficult to find availability for the ideal location, select the menu, animations or any other provider that is needed for the event. In any case, there are many companies that increasingly opt for original company dinners. They are provided with participating activities where surprise and fun is the opposite to those routine dinners with a table-talk that everybody wants so lease as soon as possible. This year’s dinner will be a success!

Christmas party

Once the type of event is selected: dinner, lunch, cocktail or … why not? a brunch, it’s time to choose the restaurant or place for celebrations suitable for the dinner. Luckily, in the Costa del Sol there is a wide variety of restaurants and spaces with a wide range of cuisine that will suit your preferences for sure. Apart from a high quality gastronomy, it is also important to select a pleasant and original place that awakens the guests’ curiosity. A cellar, a hotel, a theater, a place for parties … There are many options! In the last years is very common to find company dinners that include ​​entertainments, as live music, magic or humor shows, a photocall…

If your company likes to follow the new trends and you are looking for new experiences and practice team building, surely you like more original proposals such as a theme party, a funny day with different cultural and gastronomic activities, outings to nature with team games, a cooking or oenology workshops, or a relaxing weekend in a spa … with a simple search on the web you will find many proposals.

Enjoy the party without worries

The goal is very clear: to make the company dinner a memorable party, from which you will spend months remembering the best moments. Grupo Autosol wants to help you enjoy the evening with our Special Dinner Service: this year you will not have to flip a coin to decide who drives the car, or spend an hour looking for a parking lot. No matter how many persons you are: the driver picks you up at the scheduled time and place and takes you to the entrance of the venue. After the party, the driver will be punctually waiting for you for your safe transfer back home. Want to know more details? Contact us here!