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The way to Belen

Autosol   |   03/12/2018

If you are one of those who like tradition,  sing carol, the “pastorcillos”, the smell of anise, sesame … this is your plan. And there is nothing more typical at Christmas than the “Belen”, and in our province we have many examples of classic, modern or even living nativity scenes. Houses adorned with Christmas ornaments, Christmas carols that play throughout the streets and squares, smells of “borrachuelos”, “pestiños” and “mantecados” … that’s Christmas in Málaga.

We propose a route of “Belenes” through the center of Malaga where we find beautiful examples, some more minimalist, others larger and more splendid, but all with that taste of tradition that we like so much. We will start with the magnificent nativity scene that every year they prepare in the City Hall of Malaga, a nativity scene of great size and beauty. We can continue through the Cathedral of Malaga, passing through the “belenes” of the “cofradias” of our city, following those of cultural associations and ending with those of some shopping centers. And to end the tour what better than seeing the already famous lights and sound show in Calle Larios, a delight for the senses

Créditos: La Opinión de Málaga 

And if we go on a trip through the province we have equally beautiful examples including living nativity scenes, such as the one celebrated in the Ojén caves or in Álora, where the Cultural Association Helen Viviente, with the help of neighbors have managed to make of this show a Festival of Cultural Interest of the Province.

Credits: Ayuntamiento de Álora 

And if you like the Christmas sounds, we can find pastoral contests and Christmas concerts throughout the province. The groups, dressed in their shepherd’s outfits, go through the streets with their “zambombas”, “panderetas” and “sonajas” singing the popular songs of the Andalusian Christmas. Example of these can be found at the contests in the villages of Almáchar, Ojén, Casarabonela, Macharaviaya or Istán.

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Credits: M95 TV

And we can not end this journey through the more cultural and traditional aspect of these festivities without referring to the “zambombas” of Jerez, the most genuine expression of Jerez’s Christmas and constituted in the main argument in which the coexistence and participation of these festivities. The wines, the traditional confectionery and the “villancicos flamencos” are the ingredients of the zambombas that these days are celebrated in any corner of the city.

As you have seen, tradition and culture have their place at this time in our province. And in Grupo Autosol we have several options for you to enjoy them. Check our prices for disposal services or to visit Jerez or Malaga. We have your tailored plan so you do not miss anything.